General FAQ

What kind of frosting do you use?
We make swiss buttercream, whipped cream and fondant.

Should I refrigerate the cake?

For cream cakes, we recommend it's refrigerated until an hour before serving to maintain quality.

For buttercream cakes, we recommend that it's refrigerated 1-3 hours before taken out for display or to serve. Buttercream is best served at room temperature.

For fondant custom cakes, it may be refrigerated but know the change in temperature may cause the cake to ‘sweat’ and be sticky.

    Is your kitchen allergen free?
    No, we are not. Items used in our kitchen: nuts, almonds, and peanuts diary, soy and milk, eggs, food coloring, wheat and all related by-products of items listed.

    What are your cake size?

    • Layer cakes are 3.5” tall with 3 layers of cake and 2 layers of filling and come in 6” 8” 10” 12” 14” 16”.
    • Sheet cakes are 2 layers of cake with 1 layer of filling.
    • Custom cake or custom shaped cake will vary depending on design.

    Ordering FAQ and Guidelines

    When should I order my cake?
    Fruit Cakes and Cupcake are to be order 72hrs in advance.

    Custom cakes and custom cupcakes require a week notice. Wedding cakes are to be ordered a month or more in advance.

    Depending on season and quantity of orders these are the minimum timeframes to ordering. To see if a last-minute order can be made please email orders@aforgetfulbaker.com.